Curating and bridging ideas for impact

We are at the centre of a global hub of ideas. This is due to a number of factors: our experience on leading edge projects, ECSI research, ties with leading management publications, as well as collaborations with faculty partners and thinkers. In addition, we have a partnership with Thinkers50, the world’s leading curator of management ideas, which provides a powerful platform for new management thinking.

All this puts us in a privileged place. We can be the curator of new ideas: creating or selecting, experimenting, refining, stabilizing and offering them as consulting services based on our judgement of their novelty and relevance for business leaders.

As a result, we do not offer basic consulting services like process redesign, lean production, six sigma, and so on. When a new management idea becomes mainstream, we move on in search of the next big idea.

We provide proprietary and cutting-edge offerings which are always based on solid research. And we bridge them into the culture and context of our clients.

Putting a new idea into practice and delivering results requires the ability to align and mobilize people for implementation and impact. We blend sophisticated organizational development methods in the way we execute our consulting engagements. Our motto captures it well: “Ideas lead. People count. Results matter.”

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Introducing our leading edge offering portfolio

We offer leading edge services to achieve what would not be possible using the routine management approaches. This is the main reason ECSI Consulting has been named among the Top 5 global Strategy and Innovation consulting firms by ALM (former Kennedy Research, part of the Bloomberg Group), the leading consulting industry analyst. In 2017, for the second time, we are in the elite of the consulting industry.

How we work with clients

ECSI developed and easy approach to engage with clients in either one of two ways.


Strategic Workshop

Our strategic workshops educate business leaders on cutting-edge management ideas and best practices as starting point to strategically ideate by using the ECSI frameworks and tools aligned to the business challenges in scope.

Before the workshop, ECSI does a rapid assessment of the business challenges through internal interviews and customizes the workshop material to the client’s context.

After the workshop, we elaborate the output and develop a Roadmap of actions to further articulate, experiment and implement the hypotheses generated during the workshop.

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Project Engagement

We deliver our project engagements in 3-12 month time frames to improve your business performance. Projects are usually implemented in joint-teams based.

We leverage our methodologies on Strategic Innovation, Organizational Agility & Innovation Management, all based on the latest management ideas, with the possibility to involve our thinker and faculty partners.

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