“Humans are underrated” admitted Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk on April 13 after finally realising that creating a fully automated manufacturing plant for the company was more wishful thinking than reality.

With companies investing heavily in machine learning and predictive modelling, Artificial Intelligence is now a reality. But in contrast to common belief, this is an opportunity for human skills to take on higher value work rather than a threat. With advanced analytics, people – not data – are key to tackling the future of your company.

But there is still a misconception by business leaders who wrongly underrate human workers and believe in self-learning AI and full automation.

We actually appreciated the importance of humans in the age of AI already a bit longer than Elon, seen in our original research initiative from last November indicating that the role of humans in the world of AI is underrated.

We asked 50 of the world’s leading business thinkers and commentators for their take on the future role of judgment. In our poll, respondents overwhelmingly agreed that business judgment will become more relevant as AI will increasingly support – rather than replace – human decision making.

Judgment in the Age of Artificial IntelligenceSo don’t make the same mistake as Elon and please read our report before you try to fully automate your factory or retail operations.

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