We are incredible proud of our ECSI Consulting friend and faculty member Gary Pisano who recently published his latest book to worldwide acclaim.

Gary Pisano is one of the world’s leading researchers in the fields of innovation, strategy, manufacturing, and competitiveness. He is the Harry E. Figgie Professor at Harvard Business School – and a faculty partner of ECSI Consulting.

His latest book is titled “Creative Construction: The DNA of Sustained Innovation” and it aims to change the way people think about innovation and to debunk many of the myths that surround the topic.

When asked why he wrote this important book, Gary said:

“When I started working on Creative Construction, I realized the biggest challenge many companies face is getting their innovation initiatives off the ground. Over a few decades of research and consulting, I had watched so many such initiatives end in disappointment. What makes these plans flounder?”

Pisano’s Innovation Framework

Professor Gary Pisano has developed an innovation framework that helps companies to design their Innovation Strategies based on different types of innovations. We at ECSI have adopted such framework in our way of working and delivering projects with our clients.

When creating an innovation strategy, companies have a choice about how much to focus on technological innovation and how much to invest in business model innovation. This matrix, which considers how a potential innovation fits with a company’s existing business model and technical capabilities, can assist with that decision.

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