When Arena, the global leader in swimming suits,

started exploring new paths for aggressive growth, they asked ECSI Consulting for help.

We engaged and mobilized the management team of the client with an approach based on sequential workshops. The management explored three ECSI’s proprietary strategic innovation paths, looking for new market spaces and disruptive innovations.

After the growth ideas phase, Arena launched a transformational program aimed at significantly increasing the sales turnover of the company by 2014. Many of the growth projects were identified thanks to the methodologies used during the initial workshops phase.

One example, already designed, implemented and marketed is the following. By using the “Non-demand Growth Strategy” methodology of ECSI Consulting, Arena’s team identified 2-3 new market spaces. One opportunity is the Muslim females who express the need of swimming with body freedom and comfort like everybody else. But they are constrained by religious and cultural norm; they can only swim when their body is fully covered. Unfortunately, swimming with long cottons suits is not the most comfortable experience in the water. Without mentioning the frustration of long dry-up times; or the inconvenience to wear a leaking and heavy cotton suit after the swim.

Arena first identified the non-customers segment, second the barriers (social norms, religious constraints, distribution availability) which where inhibiting those articulated needs to be converted in real demand and then developed a new product line (see accompanying pictures) and distribution strategy to address this new market space.