Innovation Unit Design

The Business Issue

  • Corporate innovation efforts at large companies often lack a clear mission and framework
  • The Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) is a relatively new position. Each organization interprets it in a different way. We see many Innovation Leaders who fail and only few success stories

The Management Idea

  • At ECSI we have researched the role of successful Innovation Leaders across various industries
  • Our research highlights the fact that successful Innovation Leaders act more like architects of organizational capabilities than as direct drivers of innovation projects
  • Drawing on the results of our research and learning from our consulting work, we have developed a framework that breaks the CIO’s mission down into seven standard roles …
  • … and a methodological process to help in the decision making about what to do or not to do in the business context and culture of each organization

The Results

  • Clarify and align the organization on the roles of the new Innovation Units and Leaders
  • Design the right organizational structures and jobs to raise the innovation performance of the company
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