The Insight Driven Organization

The Business Issue

  • In today’s knowledge society competitive advantage derives from the capability to generate novel insights and ideas with the potential to change the game in your market
  • Unfortunately, most companies are not able to harness their full creative power and consider innovation as the specialized job of a few experts in the company (e.g. marketing, R&D) who typically rely on analytics and benchmarks rather than on first hand qualitative observations.

The Management Idea

  • Go beyond the traditional belief that insight generation is the responsibility of a few people in the organization
  • Make the insight generation process more democratic and inclusive of all employees
  • Encourage, protect and nurture the best insights until they become solid concepts and business ideas (avoid killing them in the cradle)
  • Make this routine practice by developing the needed organizational capabilities.

The Results

  • Build a competitive advantage (an Innovative DNA instilled in the organization)
  • Higher Innovation ROI due to more and better ideas being propelled into the innovation funnel
Insight Driven Organization Chart
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