Senior Consultant
“Anything is possible if you have enough nerve” Being a global citizen is something I have always been proud of and valued. Having lived across 5 countries and 2 continents from a very young age, I quickly discovered the immense benefits of being able to immerse myself in different cultures and societal norms. More importantly, I learned to appreciate and cherish the value of interacting with different ways of thinking and mentalities. I finished my undergraduate studies at the University of Washington in the US and my graduate studies at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. During and after my studies, I worked in diverse sectors across both continents and was fortunate enough to gather rich experiences that have shown me the path towards my true professional desires. I have always welcomed a challenge and felt that one’s ability to adapt and thrive in ever-changing situations is of utmost importance. At ECSI Consulting, the nature of our work – driven by the opportunity to be constantly seeking and influencing innovative strategies and ideas across industries – keeps me constantly intrigued and engaged, knowing that there is always something more to be discovered and achieved.