Associate Partner
“Enjoy what you are doing and the people around you…that’s the real Blue Ocean.” My starting point was rationality and analysis. I have an MBA from INSEAD and then worked in consulting – with Gemini Consulting, one of the largest strategy firms in the 1990s, then Venture Consulting which was acquired by Tefen. I became General Manager of Tefen Italy and then Tefen Europe. So far, so predictable. But then I realized that I like to work with people and for people; that I am happy when I see clients satisfied with the work we have done, when colleagues continue to learn and improve, and when I work in a positive and supportive environment. The reality is that the rational and emotional elements are both needed in our work. Rationally, in the consulting industry there is increased commoditization and a shift from an advisory role to an outsourcing approach. The reality is that a generalist management consulting is no longer sustainable. Specialization and differentiation are key. Differentiation is in the DNA of ECSI. Our focus on strategic innovation is consistent with the acceleration of technology and business model innovations. We add value to customers through new ideas and solutions, both methodological and content-driven. Emotionally, we work on fresh challenges and trends, with great clients who are pushing their companies into new and fascinating worlds. All this is engaging and provides a huge positive force and momentum to our work. And, it is no coincidence that many of the people at ECSI have worked together before. It is greatly rewarding to share my experiences and working days with a group of people I appreciate for their professional competences and personal values. Rational plus emotional is uniquely powerful.