“Never cease to create value.” My goal has always been to acquire as much knowledge and as many skills as possible and then to turn them into true value for myself and those I work with. And so, I have studied in international settings in Germany, Holland and Italy and later gained professional skills in finance and investing, management and entrepreneurship. With these skills and experiences the next challenge was to find a working environment where they could be maximized. Enter ECSI. Here, I can put my skills to work to the benefit of our clients as well as my own development. By investing in knowledge and talent, ECSI offers a continuous learning experience. Through collaborations with leading scholars, we connect the latest groundbreaking ideas to the needs of our clients and to help them dynamically identify and meet their challenges. But learning is just one part of the equation for me and ECSI. It’s equally important to work together with our clients to translate ideas into real value. In order to be able to deliver this unique value to our clients, we never stop – and can never stop -- growing and learning.