Senior Consultant
“Always be humble with what you know and ambitious with what you want.” My prior consulting and marketing professional experiences helping organizations understand their customers and grow their market share taught me the crucial role of innovation within a company. Getting an MBA at Babson not only gave me more tools and skills but also the inspiration needed to revolutionize business strategies. Today at ECSI, I keep learning and have the opportunity to genuinely explore, innovate and develop meaningful business models while learning from everyone around me. We build bridges and help companies to innovate and think differently by empowering the people who drive them. I always surround myself with people, circumstances and challenges that bring out the best in me. I never stay in my comfort zone, I keep moving forward, but never at the expense of anyone else. I want to make sure that those who surround me are also growing, I am not afraid to make my potential their potential and vice versa. ECSI’s collaborative teamwork, purpose and thought leadership truly push organizations, teams, and individuals to transcend and achieve remarkable results while never forgetting that “it takes an orchestra to play a great symphony...”