“Innovation starts with a change in perspective” Before joining ECSI, I worked with a number of international management consulting firms. I led dozens of projects in a variety of sectors, companies and cultures. These experiences made me a well-rounded project manager able to design and implement complex assignments for Fortune 500 companies in the areas of strategy, organization, sales, and operations. These consulting projects were an enjoyable and important foundation. What was missing was building creativity and strategic thinking into the business of our clients. ECSI fulfills that missing element. Compared to traditional consulting firms, ECSI stands out for a number of reasons. At ECSI we help our clients challenge long-held assumptions of their markets. Through new lenses, we change the way our clients look at their ecosystem and imagine new answers to old problems. Since I joined, ECSI has given me the best of both worlds: dynamic and interesting consulting assignments for Fortune 500 companies, plus an opportunity to push the frontier of strategy. We want to change the way companies innovate and create value for their customers and for society as a whole. For me that is fulfilling and important work.