Associate Partner
“Our north star is always on driving for excellence in everything we do.” Since I finished university, I have been on a journey of discovery. I experienced challenging work environments, from academia to private sector, lived in different countries and learned how to deal with people from other cultures. But I took my own biggest step forward when I joined ECSI in 2012. Previously, I worked at the European Research Center of Harvard Business School in Paris, France. HBS broadened my perspectives and gave me a unique opportunity to work with leading scholars. To be honest, I was not sure about leaving academia. Joining ECSI was another part of the journey and, for me, it has proved to be the right road. At ECSI, I can put my education into practice. Thanks to our collaborations with leading faculty members I can continue to work and shape the latest management ideas. But it is even more rewarding to understand the relevance and impact of our ideas to the challenges faced by our clients. Continuous learning is the foundation of ECSI. It challenges me every day I come into work. And that’s what I want in a job and in a company. More importantly, it makes ECSI a greater company – project by project, client by client.