“Never stop asking ‘Why?’” I grew up with a trilingual background in the Dolomites and have a strong connection to the local culture and its heritage. This unique location was an ideal playground for action sports like ski mountaineering, mountain biking and bouldering. These sports demand perseverance, mental fortitude and determination, traits I associate myself with. During my academic career at NHH in Norway and through a masters in management at EAESP FGV in São Paulo I developed strong quantitative and qualitative skills to analyze and extract insights from data. At ECSI I can leverage both my background as well as my academic achievements. My most recent project, for example, involved a due diligence report for a multinational, for which my linguistic and quantitative skills were a great match. During the project, I also had the unique opportunity to get in touch and interview brilliant people from world-leading academic institutions as well as companies at the forefront of technology. At ECSI the impact of my background and training is maximized.