Senior Consultant
“Learn from what’s different.” Coming from a multicultural background I’ve always pursued opportunities to interact and learn from people with different stories to tell and points of view. Indeed, I hold dual citizenship (Italy and USA) and have gained experiences in Europe, North America and Israel. Being a global citizen informs me.  What drives me is always seeking something new to learn. And, what excites me is innovation. I strive to understand the future through tomorrow’s lens. That is what motivated me to focus my studies on the management of innovation and to start my career in consulting. At ECSI I have the chance to work with companies from many industries and countries, analyzing and leading their innovation journey while broadening my personal capabilities. Working with ECSI’s international team I can collaborate, build relationships and gain knowledge from very different people. Here, everyone has the opportunity to learn, contribute to new ideas and make an impact with our clients.  What could be better?