Organizational Agility

The Business Issue

  • Global trends are impacting organizations’ way of working, requiring more speed and agility to face competitive challenges and capture emerging opportunities
  • Companies need to understand how to evolve towards a more agile organization involving both team-based tasks as well as individual ones


The Management Idea

  • At ECSI we have supported the design and implementations of agile organizations at tens of large incumbent companies, both in ICT Functions and across overall businesses
  • Beyond tasks that are fit for agile project teams we have identified innovative levers to create agility also in routine and individual tasks, such as to not create a two-speed organization and don’t leave anyone behind


The Results

  • Radical increase of both efficiency and effectiveness measures of the new agile organization
  • Speed and agility (both at decision and execution level) in changing the course of actions to respond to market threats or capture new emerging opportunities.

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