The Business Issue

  • In a world of widely distributed knowledge, companies cannot afford to rely entirely on their own ideas
  • The traditional closed innovation paradigm has struggled to cope with dramatic changes in the global economy
  • Companies need a new, more open, effective and quicker process for innovation—a process able to pick the collective brain power of outside people and companies

The Management Idea

  • Co-creation is a dynamic process of collaborative innovation between a company and its stakeholders (customers, partners, suppliers, value chain actors and more)
  • ECSI Consulting has developed and successfully tested a methodology and process to design and execute co-creation initiatives with different types of contributors
  • Furthermore, with our proprietary handbooks, tool-kits, training and webinars we can enable capability building in large client organizations

The Results

  • Deeper Knowledge: Co-creation engages companies in a journey of exploration so they can gain more and better insights in context
  • Lower costs: Market research studies can be very expensive. Co-creation can dramatically reduce such costs
  • Lower Innovation risk: Co-creation means developing and testing your innovative concepts/ideas directly with the customer. Involving customers in the early stages of the innovation process increases the level of acceptance
  • Improved trust: Because co-creation brings organizations and people closer, it is easier to create an emotional bond/intimacy and build trust through joint work

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