Business Model Innovation

The Business Issue

  • Stiffer competition and faster cycles have led to commoditization in many markets and industries
  • Better products and technologies are no longer enough to stay competitive
  • To escape the commoditization trap and Blue Ocean Shift your organization, companies must radically innovate the way they play along the value chain and the solutions they provide to customers
  • Innovating the business model is a necessity not only for start-ups, but for many large incumbent companies

The Management Idea

  • We apply Blue Ocean tools and thinking together with our own market creating tools to help our clients to develop new and innovative business models
  • We use a Discovery Driven Economic Model based on dynamic assumptions of markets, revenues, and costs that are iteratively tested and fine-tuned or pivoted through quick learning pilots, until the model is ready for full scale-up

The Results

  • Force the strategic thinking beyond the traditional boundaries and rules of the market
  • Provide innovation framework to enable any organization with the right mindset to launch and implement a Blue Ocean initiative
  • Drive profitable growth, escaping the commoditization trap or the attack of new players from outside the industry

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