Blue Ocean Strategy Shift

The Business Issue

  • Stiffer competition and faster cycles have led to commoditization in many markets and industries (red oceans)
  • Better products and technologies are no longer enough to stay competitive
  • Value Innovation – not only Technology Innovation – is key to change the rules of the competitive game
  • Innovating the business model is a necessity not only for start-ups, but also for large incumbent companies

The Management Idea

  • Blue Ocean Strategy offers a systematic approach to make competition irrelevant and help organizations create their own Blue Oceans
  • ECSI applies Blue Ocean framework and tools to help clients in their profitable growth challenges both for new and existing businesses

The Results

  • Push the strategic thinking beyond the traditional boundaries and rules of the market
  • Accelerate company growth and, at the same, elimate/reduce non value-added tasks and investments
  • Identify and develop new market spaces

Strategy Canvas at Cirque du Soleil

Insight Driven Organization Chart


How to move your firm to the Blue Oceans?

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