Blue Ocean Shift Workshop


  • Familiarize with the Blue Ocean Strategy methodology
  • Present relevant cases from other companies who conducted successful Blue Ocean Shifts
  • Explore jointly the commoditization level and blue ocean potential in your own industry/business
  • Apply the learnt framework and tools to develop initial hypotheses and ideas


  1. Before the workshop: ECSI will become familiar with your business and conduct 5-10 internal interviews; in addition, ECSI will curate the content of the workshop to fit your need and industry
  2. During the workshop: ECSI will facilitate the workshop to induce learning and idea generation
    • Introduction to Blue Ocean strategy (approach and frameworks)
    • Relevant Blue Ocean Shift case studies (curated and customized for your industry)
    • Discussion on how Blue Ocean Strategy is implemented within companies
    • Application of the framework to your own business for initial ideas generation
    • How to take the learnings and initial ideas and move forward

3. After the workshop: ECSI will develop comprehensive documentation including thorough suggestions on next steps to implement Blue Ocean Strategy in your company in the most lean and effective way

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