Blue Ocean Leadership

The Business Issue

  • Despite the huge amount of money invested in leadership programs, most executives fail to engage their employees
  • Gallup’s recent “State of the workplace” survey reports that only 30% of employees are really engaged

The Management Idea

  • Over the past 10 years our Faculty Partners, Professors Chan Kim and Renèe Mauborgne at INSEAD, have interviewed hundreds of people in organizations to understand where leadership is falling short and how it could be transformed
  • Blue Ocean Leadership applies to leadership the same logic Blue Ocean Strategy uses for strategic innovation. In essence, leadership can be thought of as a product/service that people in an organization “buy” or “don’t buy”
  • The “Leadership Canvas” can orient business leaders to build an innovation friendly and entrepreneur-oriented organization
  • Eliminate/reduce negative behaviors/actions and create new actions that will encourage and enable employees to “buy” your leadership

The Results

  • By unlocking the full potential of the organization, people can significantly improve company performance
  • Engaged employees have a positive impact on customer ratings, on profitability, on productivity and on the reduction of absenteeism
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