How to create an emotional bond with your customers?

“It’s better to have 100 people who love you than finding a million who just sort of like you. Build your business one person at a time. Just focus on 100 people. “ Paul Graham, VC investor’s advice to the AirBnB founder.   Brand communities are coveted as one of... read more

If you can’t beat them… join them

如果你不能击败他们,加入他们 “If you can’t beat them… join them”. This famous business proverb describes succinctly how Europe and the West in general could be looking at Chinese companies’ developed appetite for foreign markets. Nowadays, not a week goes by where we do not... read more

Humans are Underrated

“Humans are underrated” admitted Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk on April 13 after finally realising that creating a fully automated manufacturing plant for the company was more wishful thinking than reality. With companies investing heavily in machine learning and predictive... read more