How AI will impact your leadership style?

What an intellectual power duo! ECSI recently sat down in Munich to discuss AI and leadership with two of Germany’s leading advisors for international top managers: Dorothea Assig and Dorothee Echter. In addition to being influential CEO coaches for many DAX firms in... read more

Agile in the Age of A.I.

Our founder and CEO Alessandro Di Fiore recently published a widely acclaimed article in Harvard Business Review, called “Why AI Will Shift Decision Making from the C-Suite to the Front Line” In his article, Alessandro discusses how decision making and agile working... read more

Why your last innovation project failed?

We are incredible proud of our ECSI Consulting friend and faculty member Gary Pisano who recently published his latest book to worldwide acclaim. Gary Pisano is one of the world’s leading researchers in the fields of innovation, strategy, manufacturing, and... read more

Do you have a post M&A strategy for the day after?

Unfortunately, often times the typical M&A strategy of a company is focused on getting the deal done. There are the tough negotiations, the emotional roller coaster, the communications wrangling and finally the big day is here where the leaders smile into the... read more

Planning doesn’t have to be the enemy of Agile

Agile, Scrum and sprints are the current buzzwords when it comes to how managers are supposed to organize the work processes in their enterprises. In contrast, strategic planning has fallen out of favour in the views of many CEOs who are tempted to copy emerging... read more

Customers First? How About Noncustomers First?

One of the first steps of the blue ocean shift process is to identify the demand that exists beyond your existing industry. These are your noncustomers: buyers that don’t buy into your industry, product or service yet, which you can convert into new customers. But how... read more